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Livio Antinucci

no. P.I. 10395940587

Professional training: School of osteopathy -- C.E.R.D.O. (Centre pour l'etude, la recherche et la diffusion ostéopathique); course duration -- 6 years. Degree in physiotherapy from the "La Sapienza" University of Rome.

Professional experience: Works in the Department of Neurological Sciences at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome, where he teaches and conducts research. He also works in three different private practices.

Languages spoken: Italian, English and has a good grasp of French.

Therapeutic aims: Although every part of our body is closely connected to all the others, the body as a whole is more than the sum of all its parts. Only a holistic approach (i.e. the body considered as a whole) can thus be used to effectively recognise and cure any dysfunctions that may affect a organism as complex as the human body, in which bones, viscera, the vascular/nervous system and the psyche all merge into a harmonious whole to preserve one's well-being. The aim of osteopathy is to favour, by restoring normal function, the organism's self-healing properties.

Some indications for osteopathy:
disorders of the spine, such as a stiff neck, backache and sciatica;
limb disorders, such as sprains and tendonitis;
visceral disorders, such as gastritis, reflux, colitis, menstruation-related problems, urinary incontinence and cystitis;
disorders of the head, such as migraine, headache, sinusitis, dental problems and chronic, delivery-related problems in children.

Contraindications: All medical emergencies and the presence of serious anatomical lesions.

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